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Our People

Deep data and clever algorithms are a great beginning, but it’s what you do with it that makes the difference and for this you need exceptional people.

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Lab360 is lucky to have a team of super-smart Insight Managers and very talented Data Analysts who make sure our work is accurate and useful and will deliver results to our clients. After all, you can have all the data and technology in the world, but if you can’t bring it to life in a meaningful way, then that information is no use to you at all. And for that you need people – good people.

Think you’re one of those people? Drop us a line at

IMG 3061
Head of Fly Buys Customer Intelligence

Erin Thomas

This self-confessed process geek is determined, methodical, and has a great eye for detail. She’s analytical and insightful, and knows the secret to getting the best out of the team. Remarkably skillful with all baking requirements, there’s nothing an Erin cake can’t fix.

IMG 3266
Senior Analyst

Fleur Watson

Super skilled and always accurate, Fleur is one of our top analysts. She has a gift for seeing patterns in numbers, and a frightening ability for discovering things you didn’t realise you needed to know.

IMG 3097
Senior Marketing Information Analyst

Duncan Tait

A coding genius with superb attention to detail, Duncan fires through work like a man possessed. Same as when he’s on the indoor netball court, he’s precise, agile and all about the team.

IMG 3371
Senior Analyst

Mathew Paton

Satirical, discerning, a team man with a superb eye for detail who always looks out for others – Mathew’s far more than a smart and savvy analyst (though he definitely ticks those boxes too).

IMG 3278

Michael Glenny

Michael helps people answer complicated questions about their business. A recent philosophy and com-sci grad, he’ll always bring a new angle to a discussion. In the words of a colleague: “ask everyone to bring an apple and Michael will bring a pineapple”.

IMG 2530b
Marketing Information Analyst

Paul Berry

Off beat yet switched on, Paul is a pro at working out the most effective way to allocate limited resources. He’s also well known (and liked) around the office for his random acts of baking kindness.

IMG 2485bb
Marketing Information Analyst

Lin Ding

A firm believer of “small things make big things happen”, Lin’s a calm problem solver. Weekdays he figures out the best way to get marketing cut through and in the weekend you can find him cutting through fresh snow.

IMG 8231b
Manager, Lab360 Analysts

Danita Cherry

Danita is always up for a challenge – from tackling one of NZ’s Great Walks to how to deliver campaigns better and faster. She loves to seek out new food, travel spots and word puzzles so she is right at home in the Lab, with a constant stream of fun facts to uncover.

IMG 2525c
Marketing Information Analyst

Jamie Fenton

Jamie’s middle name is Curious. She’s a published journalist, an inventor and is currently pursuing a Masters in Analytics. A down to earth Taranaki girl, Jamie is always looking for an opportunity to try something new, learn and make a difference.

Marketing Information Analyst

Alexander Chobanovich

Every team needs a trilingual Serbian computer and electronics enthusiast. Especially one that has co-starred in a TV ad. Alex is an experienced traveller, analyst and loves seeing clients take action from the insights we uncover.

Marketing Information Analyst

Rakesh Jina

Dedicated and determined, Rakesh is the personification of hard-working. He’s always looking for ways to develop his skills, whether in analysis or table tennis, so enjoys being part of such a diverse team to learn from.

Marketing Information Analyst

Vicky Wall

Vicky loves the thrill of the chase and seeking out the golden nugget of information that challenges assumptions or popular opinion. Parla italiano and enjoys trying foreign recipes.


Rachel Lister

A water baby at heart, Rachel certainly appreciates the Wellington office’s waterfront location. Adaptable and curious, Rachel navigates the complexities of data and analysis with the same poise and flair of her Sunday surfs.

IMG 3455
Lead Analyst

Michael Camilleri

Michael has decades of experience solving complex problems in research scientist roles. He’s a bottomless pit of statistical modelling knowledge and his enthusiasm for data and analysis knows no bounds.

Junior Insight Manager

Yve McDowell

Yve has an eye for awesome. She has an adorable spoodle pup and a knack for making data easy to understand. Hard working and super organised, Yve is a critical cog in keeping the insight management machine running smoothly.

Marketing Information Analyst

Russell Gribble

Never satisfied with the status quo, Russell is always finding new and interesting ways to tackle a problem, especially if he can bypass the boring bits! An adventurous cook, Russell appreciates the smallest detail can make a big difference to a successful outcome.

Senior Analyst

Matt Irwin

Luckily Matt decided to turn down a professional football career for analytics. A pom, but not a whinger, Matt has a laid back style that allows him to stay focused on what will really make a difference for clients.