We’re constantly revitalising Knowledge Cube to make it more precise, insightful and easy to use than ever before.

At its heart

Knowledge Cube is a customer segmentation product. However, unlike other similar products, it has three dimensions – socio demographic (taken from a selection of publically available data), lifestyle, attitudes and values (sourced from our high-response-rate surveys), and purchasing behaviour (drawn from twenty years of Fly Buys members’ purchases). These three levers operate individually or in synchronicity, meaning more precision, less presumption.

Who uses it

Precise: Rather than assuming that a certain socio-demographic group implies particular attitudes or buying habits, Knowledge Cube allows you to activate one or more of the three levers in order to create a highly accurate customer group for targeting.

Versatile: Available on an annual licensing basis for certain segments or a pay-by-pay case.

Unparalleled: No other customer segmentation tool has access to the Fly Buys programme, and the purchasing history for more than 2.1 million active users.