Lab360 arms you with the intelligence to make the right decisions

Dataset plus smarts

Lab360 offers a highly regarded, end-to-end analytics consultancy. We manage the entire process, with the single goal of improving your business: product range consolidation; media, range and network optimisation; site selection; acquisition/retention programmes; and cross-sell and up-sell programmes.

We start by really understanding the nut you're trying to crack - whether it's refining your product range or developing an unbeatable direct marketing campaign.

To get to know your customers better, we deploy our robust, high-quality data sets and industry-leading technology.

Then comes the silver bullet: the smarts of our talented and savvy team, who bring those insights to life in a meaningful, and useful, way.

The result? Unbeatable, measurable, business results.


We need industry leaders like this to help more startups

Proven results

We work with some of New Zealand's leading companies and brands.  Learn more about the proven and measureable results we've provided from our case studies.

Technology company SimQly, says this about us:

"We were first introduced to Loyalty NZ during the Lightning Lab 2015AKL programme, and subsequently had an opportunity to work with their analytics team, Lab360 at the conclusion of the Lightning Lab.

We have been deeply impressed with their high standard of work, and experienced a strong willingness to help attitude from the team. Despite their already busy schedule the Lab360 team dedicated time to provide feedback on our product, and helped brain storm possible use cases for our technology.

As a company, Lab360/Loyalty NZ is professional, and has a great working atmosphere with a fantastic team culture! We need industry leaders like this to help more startups and drive the success of NZ's entrepreneurial eco-system."

Jiao Xie, Co-founder/CEO


DB Breweries says this about us:

"We have been extremely impressed with the level of insight and commercial understanding Lab 360 have demonstrated throughout our relationship.

In a recent bespoke project Lab 360 delivered to us, they have been able to translate an extremely complicated data set into a clear concise story of how the shoppers interact with the Category and Brands over a 5-year time frame.  

The delivery is impressively insightful and convincing. Thus it has enabled us from a wide range of Marketing & Sales background to get aligned in a most effective manner to make a number of core strategic decisions." 

Sherri Zhou, Off Premise Strategy Manager